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How to create a PPS file ?

A PPS file is a presentation (PPT extension) that the extension has been amended so that it can be opened independently. To create a PPS file, simply create a PPT file and rename it by changing the extension that is to say in naming file.pps instead of file.ppt

How to create a PPS or PPT file?

  • Using the Powerpoint Software
  • Using the free software Openoffice.org

With the free OpenOffice.org suite

  • Open Office>> Presentation (or "File"> "Wizard"> "Presentation")
  • You choose the settings you want, page 1, 2, 3, and then click Auto Create.
  • In the bottom center in the new window, click "from file".

(If your photos are stored on the computer) select the photo.
  • Then right click on your selected layout, choose to insert a slide.
  • To insert a second photo just below the first one, click on "from file" etc ...
  • In the end click on "Save As" (in "File" top left) from the menu.
  • Name your file and you're done!
  • If necessary, rename the file downloaded in.pps
  • To automatically view .pps,open the file (which is in your documents!) And click on Slide Show!

Note: Extensions.ppsx and .pptx correspond to the same document but one created with Microsoft Office 2007.
To open, you will need a compatibility pack.

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