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SPAM/Virus on Facebook

(This tip is inspired from the following document Spam/Virus Facebook at malekal.com). During the recent months, spam beginning to rage on Facebook.
  • Posts contain links that offer view videos and in order to view these videos, the user must download a codec or Flash plug-in.
  • In reality it is a Firefox extension that once installed will post such messages when connecting to Facebook.
  • So, if you download these extensions you are helping in the propagation SPAM.
  • The authors receive money for each consultation at the videos via the ads on the page.
  • It is a way to create traffic artificially.

Here is an example of video nutella + bit.ly links that lead to a buzz video:
  • Another example here:
  • A fake message that prompts download the divx codec to view the video:
  • and a Firefox extension:
  • Another example: An Add-On to know what people can view your Facebook profile.

So you must remove these extensions so that the messages on Facebook stop:
  • Firefox: extensions are accessible from the Tools menu and then Add-ons.
  • Google Chrome extensions are accessible from the wrench icon at the top right and then Tools and Extensions
  • In the case of Firefox, you can right-click and Show details for information on the extension. If no information (website) is given, it is certainly a malicious extension.
  • In doubt for an extension, you can disable it.
  • Disconnect and reconnect to Facebook after a few hours and check if the messages stopped.
  • If so, you can then uninstall the extension.
  • When in doubt, change your Facebook password

AdwCleaner removes adware and PUPs/LPIS: Potentially unwanted programs.
  • Download AdwCleaner (from Xplode) on the desktop.
  • Run it and click [Remove] and wait for the scan to be completed
  • AdwCleaner will then remove adware and other unnecessary programs/PUPs.
  • Be careful about the software you install.
  • Whenever it's possible, try to read the terms of use when installing software.

Original FAQ by Malekal_morte

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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