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Windows Movie Maker - Replace the sound track of a video

Ever thought of changing the audio on your video clip? If so, Windows Movie Maker will help you do so. It is a multimedia software that comes with your Windows Operating System. In case you have an older version of Windows, you can download it from Microsoft's official products website. Import the video into Windows Movie Maker's multimedia interface. Remove the audio track, and select an audio track from your computer or create a new one, by recording with a software such as Audacity or another similar audio editing software. The format of the audio file must be compatible with Windows Movie Maker: MP3 and WMA files are the most popular formats. Import the sound track and publish this file to the computer; from there you can add it to your video.

You have a video and you want to replace the soundtrack with one of your creations or another track? Make use of Windows Movie Maker (it comes with Windows - if this was not the case you can download it here: Windows Movie Maker). We will proceed in four steps:
  • Import Video
  • Remove the sound of the video
  • Create / Add a new audio track
  • Save Video

Import Video

Firstly, run Windows Movie Maker.
Generally, it is found in Start Menu / All Programs / Accessories, but it depends on your version of Windows.
  • Start by importing the video. To do this, click on "Import Media" (or directly on the "Video" tab).
  • Now the video is present in the imported media.
  • Drag in the track "Video."

Remove the sound of the video
  • Open the "Video" to show the audio track.
  • Now right click on the audio track of the video and select "Mute".

Create / Add a new audio track

To record your voice if you want to insert it in the video, you can use:
  • The recorder software of Windows (usually it is in Start Menu / All Programs / Accessories).
  • Or an audio editing software like Audacity.
  • Save the file as an mp3 or WMA, for Windows Movie Maker compatibility.
  • Just as you opened the video, Open the new audio track.
  • Once the files are imported, it will drag in the new audio track and not the one of the video.
  • Just click on "Publish to This Computer "

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