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Accessing network and guest account (XP Pro)

To log on to a network with your PC , the networking feature of Windows XP prompts for an authentication and only a valid guest account login and password are able to access the network in question. The security feature in Windows XP and Vista has to be modified. The local security setting has an option to select the network security and sharing model for local accounts. In the properties section of the local security settings, select the " classic" setting where the local network users may authenticate themselves and carry on with their tasks. This process works fine with Windows XP and Windows Vista but not for other operating systems.


I want access to a PC via the network, but I am being asked the password for the guest account, and I cannot login with another user account.


We will have make a small change, in order to connect with another account:

Start> Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Local Security Policy

In the window [Local Security Settings], go to:

Security Settings> Local Policies> Security Options

Select the [Network access: sharing model and security for local accounts]

Right-click> Properties

And choose the value [Classic - local users authenticate themselves]

Note: this trick only works for XP and Vista Pro.

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