Vista Recovery Console on bootable CD

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A recovery disk or partition lets you store your PC's native settings authenticated by the hardware manufacturer. Windows Vista Updating and Installation is not possible every time, as the repair takes a long time. Thus, the need for Windows Vista recovery console on bootable CD. This ensures that the user gets the old settings and data console back for Vista. If you have not installed the recovery console on bootable CD with a Windows XP Operating System, that could start the XP version on your start console, then there are tutorials to teach you how to create a bootable CD recovery console for Windows Vista.

Vista Recovery Console on bootable CD


This may concern people with a high end PC and who are trying to have the recovery console for Vista.

For those who have a high end PC with just a "Recovery" CD or DVD, here is a solution to have an on-hand bootable Recovery Console Vista.

If you have not installed the Recovery Console as with Windows XP, which could have a choice at startup "Start XP" or "Start on the console", follow this link which offers a very good tutorial to create the bootable CD console for Vista:(French version) Here

Additional information

  • Replace the command in the tutorial

copy "C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\x86\imagex.exe" "C:\winpe_x86\ISO"
  • For this one:

copy "C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\x86\imagex.exe" "C:\winpe_x86\ISO"
  • To repair the startup of Vista, you must add the following commands in the console:
  • Select path to CD drive. Suppose that the drive letter is O, then there should be the command:

  • And validate with ENTER.
  • Make repair command startup described in the tutorial:

bootsect /NT60 all
  • Other repair command:
  • bootcfg: allows you to edit the boot.ini file. This file is usually not used on Vista (legitimate XP).
  • Type bootcfg /?to get some help with this command.
  • bbcdedit: Editor store configuration data to start.
  • Type bcdedit/? to get some help on this command.
  • If the problem is resolved, you can uninstall the installation kit (Control Panel> Programs and Features).
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