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The 404 error, returned by a Web site, indicates that the page you requested was not found at the address indicated. This is a webmaster's nightmare, because it usually indicates a broken link (dead link), ie a link whose address has changed. Fortunately, there are tools to automatically verify the presence of broken links on a website.

W3C Link checker

The W3C provides a simple, online resource to find dead links on a page or a set of pages by following links recursively.
Convenient for rapid use (check the links on a single page), this tool quickly shows its limitations when analyzing all the links on a website.

Xenu's Link Sleuth

Xenu is a software which will help you to verify broken links of a website.

The audit is performed on the classic links, images, frames (frames), plugins, wallpapers, style sheets, applets and scripts (Javascript, etc.)..

It displays the resulting list of URLs updated continuously, can be sorted by various criteria and can be a customized report!

Other features:
  • Simple
  • Possibility to recheck the of broken links (in the case of temporary connection errors for example)
  • Reports in a single file or email
  • Support for secure sites with SSL ( "[https: / /]")
  • Detection and recognition of URL redirects
  • Support SiteMaps

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