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Javascript libraries (Prototype/ Scriptaculous/ Yahoo UI, etc.).

Javascript libraries (Prototype/ Scriptaculous/ Yahoo UI, etc.).

There are a multitude of libraries offering advanced features

However, given the multitude of Javascript libraries, you better know a few lines what are their features, their strengths and their weaknesses:

Dojo Toolkit

Dojo Toolkit JavaScript library is a comprehensive, manager AJAX, JavaScript events, animations, JSON, etc.. :


JQuery JavaScript library is a compact with the added advantage of being very well documented and relatively simple to use:


Moo.Tools is an alternative to prototype-based development based entirely on object-oriented programming. Note that incorporate AJAX functionality natively support JSON:


Prototype is a framework, ie a set of features to simplify the life of the JavaScript developer. It has many features to make AJAX calls in a single line of code or even the possibility to appeal to any page element by using the notation $ ( 'id_de_l_element'), provided that the element HTML has an attribute "id" single. This is a book on which many of the other JavaScript libraries:


Rico is a library with a kind of alternative to the Prototype + Scriptaculous couple has since Ajax functions, as well as features such as drag and drop:


Scriptaculous is a library for making spectacular visual effects on its web page. Based on prototype library, the library is probably one of the most used on the Internet:

Yahoo! UI Library

This is the JavaScript library used by Yahoo and made available to the community in an Open Source license.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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