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How To Fix an LG USIM Locked Error

The following article will walk you through how to unlock your LG phone after being met with a USIM locked error. Before beginning, make sure that you possess the correct simlock code (provided by your ISP).

Unlock USIM Card

To handle the USIM locked error (with an invalid SIM card), insert your sim card into your phone and turn it on. Then enter the code associated with your LG model:

LG KE590 enter 2945#*20001#

LG KU311 enter 815118#*#

LG KU330 enter 159753#*#

LG KU730 enter 159753#*#

LG KU800 enter 159753#*#

LG L600v enter 815118#*#

LG U400 enter 2945#*88110#

LG U8110 enter 277634#*#

LG U8150 enter 277634#*#

LG U8210 enter 277634#*#

LG U8500 enter 277634#*#

If this operation is successful, you will be met with a message that reads, "Entrer Nck." Click on OK to finish.

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