Conflicts between WiFi agent


You just installed your WiFi hardware on Windows XP / Vista and you have configured it with the CD supplied by the manufacturer or your ISP: everything works fine. You restart your computer and then ... nothing works! Your WiFi does not reconnect, you have what is called a Hardware conflict.

Windows XP natively integrates a WiFi, also known as the zero configurations. If you install another program without having WiFi turned off or reset this configuration, if you have multiple WiFi software installed on the machine (the hardware, the FAI ...), you will have a conflict. One of these WiFi software will take control of one who usually manages your connection.

Reinstalling your software, it will work fine, but on the next restart, you shall have the same trouble again

Several possibilities:

  • Use native software provded Windows.

It should then boot off the other agents: if you uninstall the agent by the Add / Remove Programs in Control Panel, you have 80% chance that you remove the drivers same time.
> The Startup folder.
In the Start Menu> All Programs, there is a Startup folder. You will find a shortcut to the executable of the agent in most cases. Just to right click on it and "Delete Shortcut."

> The System Configuration Utility.
This utility shows all the programs started when Windows starts. To access: Start> Run> "msconfig". Two tabs will look: "Services" & "Starting". In the Service tab, you will find at the bottom of page one button "Hide All Microsoft Services" check it out. In the list still apparent, you should find your agent WiFi. For the Startup tab, the names are much less explicit, therefore mistrust.
If, despite this information, you have trouble locating your agent, you can view this trick in the FAQ: Locate WiFi agent on Windows XP

Once you've disabled your agent, you can configure the agent native Windows.

  • Use the agent provided by the manufacturer.

It is then simply disable the Windows native agent. For this, we will directly turn off the service: Start> Run> "services.msc". You to the list of "Services (local)". Locate the "Wireless Zero Configuration". Once identified this line, right click it, then Properties. From the "Startup Type" you choose "disabled."
If you want to use the agent provided by the manufacturer, verify that you do not have an agent provided by your ISP!


The native Windows agent is sometimes more stable than the ones given by manufacturers. In addition, it helps to release some resources in your machine, since it avoids having a substantive program active at all times. However, for network gaming, the native agent makes a search for wireless networks rather frequently, which may create a lag during this research.

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