Create a beautiful and dynamic website and respectful to standar

April 2018

Here is a list of links to help you make better use of standards (HTML, CSS, DOM ...) to create sites more beautiful, more dynamic and respectful of the standards.

Numerous articles on practical tips for your website (how to menus, special CSS for printing, etc..)

A demonstration on the use of CSS.
Click on any of the styles available: HTML page remains the same, only the style sheet changes.
This shows you the full power of CSS.
Literally "the school of the W3C.
Many classes to learn to use CSS, DOM, etc.
Contains examples of very practical and very basic.

Here are some rules to follow to make a site that is clear:
(This is a book available entirely online.)
It will give you tips and tricks to improve usability, clarity and readability of your site.
Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design

You can get a glimpse of differences in reporting between the various web browsers via the screenshots:
See what your site elsewhere / recent/

Code validators
The W3C Markup Validation Service. This site will allow you to submit a URL or send a web page to check if the web standards are adhered ...
You can also find this automatic analysis in the "web developer" of the Firefox browser (see the Validation tab once installed)
A very powerful validator.
The W3C validator
This analysis is also available with the extension webdeveloper.
Rdf validator, W3C yet.
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FreeMind - Post a mindmap in a web page
ImageMagick - manipulate images with command lines