Framakey - Portable Applications on your USB key

Framakey - Portable Applications on your USB key

You travel a lot and need a computer? It can be troublesome if you do not own a laptop.
What are the solutions available?
  • Use a PC (cyber cafe, rental PC) in the hope that the softwares you require are already installed.
  • Use a Linux LiveCD, provided that the PC meets the minimal requirement to run the LiveCD.
  • Framakey: use a USB with all your favorite softwares (pre-installed and configured).

Framakey - The basic version

The basic version of Framakey includes several free software that can be launched directly from a USB key. You simply have to connect the USB drive (with Framakey) to your PC and start working!
Advantages of using Framakey:
  • You have nothing to install on the PC.
  • You can store information directly on your USB key.
  • The softwares from Framakey are secure.
  • Framakey includes Office suites ( or Abiword), internet browsers(Firefox, email clients Thunderbird, Miranda), music player (Coolplayer) or video player (VideoLAN Client).

The Framakey packs:
  • Framakey Lite 1.6 (require a USB key of 256 MB): Abiword, Firefox, Miranda, Thunderbird, Cool Player and VLC.
  • Framakey Full Pack 1.7 (require a USB key of 512 MB):, Firefox, Miranda, Thunderbird, Cool Player and VLC.
  • Framakey 1.8.x (require a USB key of 1GB): Contains more than 50 applications and games.
  • Framakey 2.0 Alpha: Currently being developed.
  • Framakey "LaTeX edition" (require a USB key of 1GB): Allows the creation of latex documents.

Download and installation

  • Simply download the desired package and extract the executable file to your USB key

Get additional softwares

  • You can add other portable applications to your Framakey.
  • Other applications are available or planned. To add more applications and customize your key:

Modification of the FramaKiosk interface under Vista

Under Vista the FramaKiosk interface is not complete, you need to use the horizontal/vertical scroll bars to navigate ...
To edit the FramaKiosk window go to:
Open Pref.js with notepad and change the following values:

user_pref ( "kmeleon.display.width", 780) ---> width
user_pref ( "kmeleon.display.height", 580) ---> length
user_pref ( "kmeleon.display.maximized", false) ---> full screen by replacing the value "true"
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