WINE-Running Windows applications under Linux

April 2018

Wine is a software to run some Windows applications under Linux.
Unlike VMWare or VirtualBox, Wine will not emulate fully a PC, but only the Win32 API (Windows system calls).

The emulation is not perfect, but it can in many cases to run Windows applications directly under Linux, without resorting to heavy virtual machines.

On Debian/Ubuntu, type:
sudo apt-get install wine

We will test AutoStitch, a small software designed to automatically and panoramas that exists only on Windows.
  • Download the program here and extract it.
  • Then right-click on the file. Exe> Open with another application ...
  • Choose Wine Windows Emulator, in the list then click Open.

  • From now your Windows application is running perfectly on Linux.

  • Thereafter, you can simply double-click the file. Exe to run it (no need to right-click). Note that you can also add to the main menu.
  • If the program you are running is an installation, just make sure the default destination is c:Program Files

  • At the end of the installation, you will see the program you installed in the Application Menu.

In Windows applications running under Wine:
  • "My Documents" is your home directory
  • C: equivalent to ~ / .wine / drive_c
  • Z: is the root of your file system (/)
  • Note that for some softwares the performances may not be the same while running them with Wine and in some cases, some of them will not work at all.
  • That said, Linux users were able to successfully run Microsoft Word,Torrent and even Internet Explorer!
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