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Increasing the brightness level of video

Video editing software is a useful multimedia tool to increase the brightness levels of a video. iMovie is the multimedia software that comes with a MAC, and Movie Maker is a multimedia tool for Windows users. Firstly, import the video file to the video editing tool of your preference. Directly import the video file from the video camera or import it from the storage disk of your camera. Find the brightness level settings and apply the desired brightness to either part of the video clip or the entire video. In systems with MAC, when you select a video clip and apply brightness or other features to it, this will be applied to the whole video clip. In Windows select the increase brightness feature to the video clip through the Movie Maker software, and the brightness is applied to the whole clip.

Step 1: using a video editing software

There are many tools used for editing video that can increase the brightness of a video. Check out the tip on "How to make a video?" which recalls the basics of video editing and gives some ideas and software tools.

Tip: use the system tools on your computer: Mac- iMovie or Windows- Movie Maker.

Step 2: import the file in editing software

Import your file into the video editing software of your choice.

  • the import is done directly from the camcorder
  • or you import the file from the hard disk of your camcorder

Step 3: undertake appropriate action

Once your clips are imported into the software, simply find the appropriate function depending on the tool or software used.
You can apply the effect on part of the video only (so-called clip before editing) or to the overall length of your video.


  • With iMovie, you select a clip and you apply the effect brightness/contrast. The effect applies to the entire clip.
  • With Windows Movie Maker: via the same drop-down video effects: you select "increase brightness" and you apply it to your clip.


  • Remember to adjust the brightness of the image at the time of the shooting to have better results in terms of image quality.
  • The ideal is to avoid importing the sound - just the image or video to modify (because of the risk of a slowdown).


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