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Online scanning using F-secure

Antivirus software are a must to protect your computer from harmful viruses and other malicious software that threatens the security of the system. If the antivirus is not installed on the computer, an online scan can be done using F-secure. F-secure allows a full system scan online and can automatically clean any virus found in the computer system. ActiveX Control is required to carry out an online scan with F-secure. After the completion of the scan, a detailed analysis report of the scan and any disinfections carried out is generated. A computer must be scanned for viruses on a regular basis to prevent the loss of data due to viruses.
  • Open Internet Explorer and go to: http://www.f-secure.com/en_EMEA/support/
  • Go to the bottom of the page and click on "Start scanning"
  • A message appears: Do not panic, click "OK":
  • Note the little warning that appears at the top of the window: Click it and choose "Install ActiveX Control".
  • Click "Install":
  • Click on "Accept" (The button will be dimmed for a few seconds before you can click it):
  • Click on "Full system scan":
    • Leave the antivirus download updates:
  • The message "Preparing to scan ..." may stay for a while. Be patient: The antivirus is not dead!
    • Leave the antivirus then check your system:
  • If a virus is found, the antivirus program will tell you. Then click on "Automatic cleaning (recommended)".

(You may, of course, click on "I want to decide item by item to see a list of infected files and decide on a different action on each.)

    • Disinfection is complete:
  • The button "Show report" allows you to see the analysis report and disinfection.

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