Disabling Indexing files in Ubuntu

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If people are using the Linux-based operating system Ubuntu 7.10, they would find that indexing of files is automatically enabled in this version. If this option is enabled, all the contents of the files are automatically read and indexed at regular intervals. Now, even if that is convenient for people using the Deskbar or Tracker software, it might not be so convenient for the user's computer. The indexing takes up a lot of space in the disk and CPU in a computer. Users may choose to disable it by going to the 'Menu Systems' option, followed by the 'Preferences' option and then to the 'Indexing Preferences' option. They have to look for 'Enable indexing' and 'Enable watching' and uncheck the boxes.

Disabling the automatic indexing

Since Ubuntu 7.10, the automatic indexing of files is enabled.
  • This means that at regular intervals, a program will read and index the contents of all your files.
  • This is useful if you use the software Tracker or Deskbar, but it takes up a lot of disk space and consumes significant CPU.
  • It is possible to disable it:
    • Go to Menu System> Preferences> Indexing Preferences
  • Uncheck the two boxes "Enable indexing" and "Enable watching"

Disabling the applet search

Since Ubuntu 7.10, Deskbar is active by default.
  • Although it is practical, it consumes a quantity of non-negligible.
    • Fortunately, it turns off easily: Right-click it and choose "Remove from the panel".

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