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Sndvol32.exe missing or corrupted

Users of the Windows Operating System may come across an error which mentions a missing Sndvol32.exe. Sndvol32.exe is a very important file as it is responsible for controlling the volume settings of a computer. If this file is missing then the simplest solution is to reinstall Windows XP using the boot CD. If the user does not have the boot CD, then they can simply download this file from the internet and save it under System32 folder in Windows. One should note that after the download they may run into additional errors related to active mixer and audio device.

If Windows complains that the file is missing sndvol32.exe, simply:
  • To use the CD-ROM to install Windows XP,
  • Follow the instructions at the following address:


If you no longer have the installation CD, download the file sndvol32.exe here:

Save it in C:\Windows\System32

It may be that after the download, you have an error as shown below:
  • No active mixer device is available.
  • No audio device detected.

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