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The Internet is an integrating platform that has brought together the technologies of computing and communication to provide global connectivity and information. MSN Messenger now known as Windows Live messenger is a popular platform of Instant Messaging used by people across the world. It works with Windows XP/7/Vista, Blackberry, etc. It allows you to add contacts for Instant Messaging and delete contacts if you wish. If you want to delete an account in MSN version 7 for example, start MSN7, go to tools and select options. Select edit from the general tab to remove the account(s). You can also delete an account with Windows Live Messenger (latest version of MSN Messenger) via the control panel and settings.

If you want to sort or remove a name appearing in the drop-down list of MSN Messenger, there are several ways to proceed:

Deleting an account with MSN version 7

  • Start MSN7
  • In the "Tools" menu select "Options"
  • In the "General" tab, select "Edit" to delete unnecessary/unwanted (nick)names.

Deleting an account with Windows Live Messenger 8.0

  • Start Windows Live Messenger 8.0
  • Select the account you want to delete
  • In the Remember my address, click Delete
  • Confirm Delete> Yes

Deleting an account via the Control Panel

  • Menu "Start"
  • Select "Control Panel"
  • Select "User Accounts"
  • Select the account to delete
  • Click on "Manage my passwords Network"
  • Remove unnecessary nicks

Rapid removal of an MSN account

  • Menu "Start"
  • Select "Run"
  • Enter the following command:

       control userpasswords2
  • In the window, choose the "Advanced" tab
  • Select "Manage Passwords"
  • Select the account to delete.
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