Playing RMVB files

RealMedia Variable Bitrate or RMVB file is a recently launched audio video encoder that can compress files to a great extent and also facilitates easy file transfer. RMVB files used for RealMedia multi media container format however, does not play on many Windows operating systems. To play RMVB files, installation of certain software is important. The latest version of Real Player should be installed along with the Real Alternative that supports RMVB files. To get recorded in the registry of the computer, the download and installation of RealMediaSplitter is required also.

RMVB FILE is the acronym for RealMedia Variable Bitrate. RealMedia Variable bitrate is the audio and video encoder for the RealMedia multi media container format. It is one of the recent audio video formats commonly used due to its efficient compression of files. This file type is becoming very famous due its minimum size capacity enabling easy file transfer. However due to its recent launch, RMVB files are not supported on many current windows platforms. When audio video file is converted in rmvb format, it not only improves image quality, it also reduces the size of your image by nearly.
To read a RMVB file, you should download and install the latest version of Real Player.

After installation, right click on the file and choose "Open with..." to open it with Real Player. You can also download the latest version of Real Alternative supporting rmvb files.

Make sure that you have RealMediaSplitter installed. It is available for download at the following address:

Then start Real Alternative and paste the files into the c:\winnt\system32 or c:\windows\system32 directory, depending on the operating system (Windows 2000 / Windows XP). Once this is done, it should be recorded in the registry. Go to Start / Run and paste the following into the window:

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