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Windows 98 Installation

Windows 98 is a software program which establishes interaction between users and their computer system. Similar to other operating systems, Windows 98 translates system codes into visual representations on your monitor screen. Before Windows XP became the most largely used, Microsoft introduced Windows 98 operating system. If you want to restore an older computer for professional or personal reasons or to retrieve your files from it, Windows 98 installation is as effortless now as it was then. You have to follow a proper procedure for installation. You require the CD-ROM for Windows 98 with its license number, motherboard, graphics card, modem, sound card, NIC and other necessary cards for Windows 98 installation.


Installation of Windows 98 in order to have a computer with:

Only Windows 98.

No program installed.

All device drivers installed.

In this installation, it assumes that Windows 98 is installed with the default options.
Generally, these options are suitable for most users.

NB: Before you begin, ensure that all personal data is safe (burn to CDR / DVDR, for example), because everything will be erased

Ensure that you have:

- The CD-ROM for Windows 98 with its license number: it is a code of numbers and letters in the form of:
You should never give this number to someone, it is personal!
- Motherboard
- Graphics card
- Modem
- Sound Card
- And other cards (if any)

Once you have everything, follow these steps below: tt would be better to print the steps, because the computer will no longer be usable until the end of the installation!

Formatting the System


Put the Windows 98 CD into the drive and boot the PC.
A message saying "Starting Windows 98 installation will begin when you press a button"
Press [ENTER]


A menu that requires (among other options):
      • Start installing Windows 98
      • Command line

Choose Command Line option
Then when "a: \>" prompt appears, type:

c: /s /q

And press [ENTER]
At this stage, the disc will be erased; you will be requested to confirm.
Agree with the [O]


Once formatting is complete, restart the PC.
And in the menu, choose "Start Windows 98 Setup"

If you have a message like:
Unable to create a temporary directory.
If you have HPFS or NTFS partition on your hard disk, you must create a boot partition MS-DOS to install Windows.

This message means that other steps must precede the stage of formatting.
These steps involve the removal of active partitions and creating new partitions compatible with Windows 98.


After choosing the option "Run Windows 98 Setup" in the start menu, the installer will take the following steps:

Scan Disk

A blue screen will look for possible errors on the disk until the end of the scan, then press [END] (keyboard <- and ->, + Enter).

Scan Registry

Wait until the end of this test.

Copying files needed for installation

Wait until the copy is done.

Introduction screen

A screen graphic appears, welcoming you to install Windows 98:


A progress bar will appear, to initialise the wizard; wait for the progress.

Directory Selection

Leave the default "c: \ Windows"
Press "NEXT".

System Analysis

Wait until the end of this stage

Installation Options

For now, we will leave the default options
So press "NEXT"

Windows Components

For now, we will leave the default options, so press "NEXT"


Put your name in the first case (example: sam3000)
Press "NEXT"


Choose your country, "US"
Press "NEXT"

Startup Disk

We do not need this at the moment
Press "NEXT"

A progress bar will start to grow
Then a message will appear:

"Insert a floppy in the drive"
Press "CANCEL"

If a confirmation message appears:

Press "OK"

Copy files

Press "NEXT"
And wait until the end of the copy.
The time required by this operation and its progress is displayed on the left.

First reboot

Once the file copy process is complete, a message indicates it will restart
Press [OK]


After reboot, we need for the CD-ROM not to start. Change the boot sequence if needed....tt must boot from your Hard Disk

License Agreement

It is not worth reading :-)
Press [Accept] and then press [NEXT]

Microsoft Product Key

Here, you need the key to install Windows 98.
It is composed of numbers and letters, the form:


Enter the code in the appropriate boxes, then click [NEXT]

NB: check that no errors were committed during the seizure.

Startup Wizard

A confirmation screen indicates that Windows 98 was installed, press [END]

Hardware Configuration Windows

Wait while Windows configures the hardware


A message appears at the end of this operation, announcing the restart of the PC

System Configuration

After Windows restarts, a stage setting is to be made: this step takes up the last 10 minutes of installation (in general).


Fix sound system date, time and your time zone (if it is necessary to change, of course)
Then press [CLOSE]

Windows will continue setting up.


Another reboot
Press [Restart Now]


Well, coming here, it indicates that the installation of Windows 98 went well.
Now it's time to install the drivers!

It is a step in part because we need other CDs
(motherboard and graphic card ...)

Last details on the Windows 98 startup after installation.

- A box containing two fields: the name and password, will be presented
Press [OK]

- A box of welcome to Windows 98 will be displayed
Uncheck the "Show the next time"
Then press [CLOSE]

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