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Quickly create a simple holiday schedule

Here's a simple tip on how creating an Holiday schedule.

  • A1: Enter Leaves 2008
  • A2: Enter Name Firstname
  • Ax A3: Enter the names of people to handle x
  • B1: Enter 01/05/08; Format / Cell / Number / Custom / Type ddd
  • B2: Enter = B1; Format / Cell / Number / Custom / Type dd mmm
  • Increment B1: B2 to the right column on 184 (until October 31), for this select B1 and B2, pulling the handle on the bottom right, then the icon recopy options incremented Increment choose a series
  • Select the sheet and start the Conditional Formatting with the cell value = "c" and dark blue police Format + fill pattern light blue
  • If necessary, refer to the legend at the end of the table: c: day off (shown in blue)

The groundwork has been completed. Key personnel for each letter c in the boxes for his holidays: They appear in blue!

You just need to fine tune the presentation to your liking, for example:
edges (dotted grid, preferably, to avoid the effect of prison gate ")
lines 1 and 2 in font Arial Narrow or Agency FB size 8 or 9; vertical line 2
reduce the width of columns (width about 4.00 or 33 pixels)
add all the cells in a validation rule with a message attachment (instead of writing a legend set in stone at the bottom of table)
add a second condition for conditional formatting for Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

Supplement for calculation of working days [Excel 2007 only]. If you want to use this schedule to count the number of working days (or days) consumed by each agent, we must add a mark on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and other bridges.

  • insert row 3
  • type "F" for each non-working days (weekend or holiday)
  • GD4 enter into NB.SI.ENS = (B4: GC4; "c" B $ 3: $ 3 GC ") and copy down.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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