Create a ringtone for your iPhone with iTunes

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A simple manipulation that allows you to convert a track from your iTunes library to a ringtone for your iPhone.
  • Open iTunes Preferences.
  • Click on "Import Settings" and select "AAC Encoder", click "OK".

Creating a ringtone (M4R):
  • Launch iTunes and choose an artist and music.
  • Right click on the selected music and "Get Info".
  • A window opens.
  • Go to the "Options" tab.
  • Check stop time, set to 0:30 seconds (or a shorter period) and click on OK.
  • Make right click again on the selected music entry and choose "Create AAC Version".
  • You can see your conversion to AAC format being performed.
  • Right click on the new AAC track and "Show in Finder" (PC: Windows Explorer) to find it easily. As you can see your converted file has the .M4A extension
  • Change the extension ". M4A" to ". M4R".
  • Double click on the M4R file, it will open in iTunes and will be added to your ring tones list.
  • Sync with your iPhone.

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