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Nintendo DS Homebrew and Programming

Nintendo DS is one of the most popular video games console. If one wants to enjoy playing/trying the video games before installing, then Nintendo DS Homebrew is ideal as it can easily test video games for free. Nintendo DS requires 3rd party storage, though the 2nd generation graphics cards have arrived. To enjoying playing such video games, suitable cartridges are required. These can be downloaded from the DS link in the article below. In order to reboot M3DS and R4DS, one must install system favourable files from specified Nintendo DS links. Nintendo DS programming knowledge will help in understanding the Homebrew video games environment.

Nintendo DS Homebrew is a software that has been developed by a group of home users and uses unofficial development kits, that can be used via third party rewritable game cartridges. The major advantage of Homebrew is that the games proposed can be tested freely.

As the Nintendo DS is not sold with a storage medium, to store a Homebrew, a third party storage is required.

SLOT-1 and SLOT-2 devices

The first solutions found for third party storage were the GBA cartridge slot, also known as SLOT-2, and a booting tool in the DS cartridge slot, also known as SLOT-1.
  • But today, there are cards specially designed to use the DS slot to store and execute the Homebrew software: they are called 2nd Generation cards.
  • The M3DS and the R4DS are amongst SLOT-1 devices that can be used for your Nintendo DS Homebrew. They make use of Micro-USD cards and are very small. You should have a USB reader and insert the card with the logo facing front.
  • With the M3DS, insert the card with the logo facing down, in such a way that the logo is facing the pins.

You can get more information about which cartridges to choose from on the following link: http://dsflashcards.com/

System Files

To allow the M3DS or R4DS to boot up, you will need to install the right system files. There are system files available on the Internet. I suggest you download them from the following links:

For M3DS system file:

For R4DS system file:

Homebrew Games and Tools

There are some good Homebrew games and tools that you can download for free from the internet.

Warcraft: Tower Defense


Scrabble Assistant DS



Nintendo DS programming

It can be wise to learn more about Nintendo DS programming as this will allow you to better understand the environment of the Homebrew games and tools and try to build them yourself.

There are excellent tutorials proposed by the Homebrew Nintendo DS Development website available through this link http://www.double.co.nz/nintendo_ds/index.html

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