Stopping animated images on web pages

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A web page displays text, images and lots of colors and graphics. At times animations can be annoying and more importantly they can slow down the entire system which means it takes longer to open other pages and applications. If you are using Internet Explorer, then after pressing Esc to stop the animation, one needs to go to tab Advanced Tab under Internet Options and Tools. For Mozilla, a simple trick will take care of this. There is a slight difference between the older versions and newer ones of Firefox, but the basic functions remain the same. If you are an Opera user, you can simply uncheck the Enable F12.

Are animated images annoying you and slowing down the display of web pages you visit? Do not panic, you can stop them.

Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, simply press the Esc key to stop all animations.
To avoid having to do this every time:
  • Go to Tools menu, Internet Options.
  • In the Advanced tab: uncheck the box then Play animations in the Multimedia section.

Mozilla Firefox

Up to version 1.5:
  • Click the Edit menu, click Preferences, then scroll down the entries and then Privacy and Security Images.
  • Under the heading loop animated images, check the box and then click OK Not OK.

For newer versions (2 and older):
  • Type config in the address bar
  • Locate the entry image.animation_mode
  • Replace the default (normal) with a new value: once

And here you go: the web pages will stop blinking like a Christmas tree!


Simply press the F12 key to stop the animation: Uncheck Enable GIF animation

Ad blocking

There is also this Adblockplus software that helps you block the ads on the web page!
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Link: 2079 adblock plus

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