Multimedia Management Software

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Multimedia management includes:
  • Display images as thumbnails,
  • Manage photo albums,
  • Playback of audio files
  • Video visualization
  • Possible opportunities Annexing and edit these files, creating slide shows ...

Forget the renowned ACDSee which can be quite heavy depending on the needs and, above all, is paying. Remain of it solutions free ;-)

Software relates except annotation is given, the Windows world.
For Windows, GNU Linux, MacOS X, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Irix mips, Solaris (Sparc and x86), HP-UX, AIX
Detail importance, it is possible to edit images directly with XnView-minor changes (see details on but already the record crop, resizing, artistic filters, rotate and change color, brightness, including the renaming and batch processing.
Download Xnview: 3075 xnview
Quick and powerful SlowViev allows simple editing of images (cropping, Scaling, Color adjustment, rotation, blur or reinforcement).
Download SlowView : 3074 slowview
Supporting plugins (to play MP3 and Shockwave among other possibilities), this software is lightweight and complete, although its interface is quite confusing. To its credit, the simple manipulation of images are possible (slideshow renoomage, batch conversions, cropping).
Download Irfanview: 83 irfanview
A young software defects which likely: setting personal yet rigid, more or less rapid according to the opinion. Software to follow?
Nevertheless, it is possible to apply changes of images (resizing, cropping, filters, red eye, brightness, contrast, processing)
Download FastStone Image Viewer: 44 faststone image viewer 3 5
File types accepted: GIF, JPG, TIF, PSD, PNG, BMP, RAW, AVI, MPG, WMV, ASF, MOV
Some features: cropping, red eye, rotate, contrast, color, single filter sepia tones, black and white, create slideshows, create virtual albums, backup system, legends System (IPTC), EXIF display ...
The grip is simple and pleasant.
Download Picasa: 1247 picasa
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