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Audio Mixer Software

Professional audio tracks which feature excellent music and sound effects are no longer left to be created by DJs alone. With an array of Audio Mixer software available for free download, mixing good music is something everyone can do. These softwares come with a variety of features like multiple mix audio tracks and effects like echo, distortion, etc. The operating system of the computer will determine the Audio Mixer program that needs to be downloaded. For Windows users, there is Mixere 1.0.82, Free Audio DJ Mixer and MixPad Audio Mixer 1.00 Linux. Mac users can also find plenty of options online.

There is no need to be a professional DJ today to be able to mix some good music with excellent sound effects. Powerful software is available that allows you to create professional audio tracks of your own by offering a variety of features such as multiple mix audio tracks, echo, reverb or distort effects.

Here is a list of free mixer software that you can find on the Internet:

For Windows users

Mixere 1.0.82
Download Link: http://mixere.ckci.qarchive.org/_download2.html

MixPad Audio Mixer 1.00
Download Link: http://mixpad-audio-mixer.nch-swift-sound-software.qarchive.org/

Free Audio DJ Mixer
Download Link: http://free-audio-dj-mixer.softwareclub-ws.qarchive.org/_download2.html

For Linux users

Terminator X
Download Link: http://terminatorx.org/download.html

Download Link: http://bpmdj.yellowcouch.org/aftersplash.html

DJ Play
Download Link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/djplay/

For MacOS X users

Download Link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/dekstasy/

Download Link: http://www.ultramixer.com/

Download Link: http://www.mixxx.org/download.php

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