Excel - A macro to protect a workbook


I want to protect my Excel workbook and the spreadsheets it contains.

The application I developed with Excel, contains menus, and buttons and graphics that change depending on the responses of a user (mcq). If I do not touch anything at the basic protection (everything is protected) and the user can only view data without interaction. If I unprotect certain cells, such as table cells, the user not only modify the data, but also objects like buttons, and that the main problem.


Try this:
You must unlock your objects (adapt accordingly):
Selection.Locked = False  
Selection.FormulaHidden = False  

This protect your sheet:
ActiveSheet.Protect DrawingObjects: = True, Contents: = True, Scenarios: = True

If you want to unprotect it:

Thanks to 0seb0 for this tip.
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