Android: Save links, videos or web articles to read them later

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It may happen to all of us, finding interesting articles on the web and not being able to read them, either due to a lack of time or any other reasons. Here is an application that will help you to solve this issue. It is the revamped version of 'Read it Later': Pocket.
Pocket is an application available for Android OS devices. The purpose of this application is to save articles, videos and images you find while browsing the web from your mobile devices or computer to view them later.
Pocket allow you to:
  • Display items from a website after saving them, without being connected to the Internet. However, the videos and images stored require an internet connection.
  • Pocket synchronize your data among your different smart devices (Computers, Tablets and Smartphones).
  • You can also access the PC friendly version via this link:

Pocket Android can be downloaded from Google Play.

Note: Tested on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 1.

Samsung Galaxy Note - Supported video format
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