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Overview of the operating systems for smartphones

It is quite difficult to know which smartphone OS is the most efficient and will meet your needs. The similarities in terms of price, features and

innovations make the choice difficult. Here's an analysis of six most popular OS available:

IOS for Apple fans

The IOS, formerly the iPhone OS is the operating system used on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • Devices: iPhone
  • It will suit you if you're a fan of Apple and iTunes addict.


  • Twitter is integrated directly to the OS
  • The iMessages, provide exclusive communication between iPhone.
  • Siri, an advance voice recognition software
  • Facetime, make video calls


Facetime or IMessages are exclusive to iOS powered devices.

Android: Google's OS

Android is an OS (smartphone, PDA and mobile devices) that belongs to Google.
Devices: Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy SII or HTC sensation..


A variety of free apps
The cost of smartphones


The range of applications can still be expanded (even if it is already quite large)

Bada: Samsung phones

This new OS from Samsung unfortunately did not revolutionize the world of the smartphone operating system.
Devices: the Samsung Wave


  • Open multiple applications simultaneously
  • Very few bugs
  • Less prone to virus attacks


  • Available only on the Samsung Wave
  • Lack of applications

==Windows Phone 7=
Microsoft launched its own operating system: Windows Phone. The latest version is Windows Phone 7.
  • Device: Nokia Lumia


  • Fast execution
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Office Suite


  • Few applications (for mow)

Lack of multitasking
Lack of flash technology

BlackBerry OS: professional use

BlackBerry is an operating system whose main characteristic is multitasking.
  • Devices: BlackBerry full range
  • It will suit you if you are heading towards an essentially professional use your mobile (sending and receiving emails is quite intuitive).


  • A fast web browsing
  • Very handy for reading mails
  • Socials Feeds
  • BlackBerry Messenger


  • Lack of ergonomics


Bought by Nokia, Symbian is used by Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson.
Devices: Nokia C3, Nokia X7


  • Reliable operating system (now 10 years on the market)
  • Multitasking


  • Being overwhelmed by Android and iOS popularity.
  • Unattractive interface

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