Keyboard shortcuts for IE and Firefox

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Keyboard shortcuts are very important for the day to day functioning of a computer. They help users skip through long menu-driven options and jump straight to the item or action needed. Like with other applications such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, file explorers etc. keyboard shortcuts are also available for web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or IE. Most of these shortcuts remain the same across Mozilla Firefox and IE. They can be used to open new tabs, change tabs, restore a tab, open or close a window, for loading or reloading a page, changing font sizes or for switching to full screen mode.

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Like with other browsers you have used...shortcuts are really essential for faster use. Firefox and IE also have shortcuts which you will discover in this tutorial.


Open a new tabs

If you wish to open a new tab, simply press CTRL+T. A new tab will open!

To change tabs

Like we all know Alt+Tab (to switch window and even tabs). On firefox you have to do:

To close a tab

So if you wish to close a tab, press CTRL+F4 or simply CTRL+W. Remember if there's only one tab loaded it won't close.

To Restore a tab

If you have closed 1 or more tabs... you can still restore them by pressing: CTRL+Shift+T.


New Window

To open a new window on Firefox: CTRL+N (New).

Changing a window

This is not a shortcut but a Firefox shortcut system, but it is always good to remember: Alt + Tab (under Linux and Windows) or Apple + Tab then F10 on Mac OS.

Closing a window

This is a system shortcut: Alt+F4 (for Windows and Linux) or (Apple + Q for Mac).


Previous and Next

There are several possible shortcuts:
  • Alt + right arrow> for next / / Alt + left arrow to previous
  • Backspace (out of a text box) to previous / / Shift + Backspace to below (the Backspace and Delete key back, used to delete characters.


To reload a web page: F5 or Ctrl + F5

Stopping a page from loading

To stop a page from loading its contents just press Esc (Escape)

Almost everyone knows this is the F5 key. What few people know is that we can force the cache with Ctrl + F5. Stop loading the page

You can stop the loading of a page by simply pressing the Esc key (Escape).


Font Size

To enlarge the font size (characters) displayed, press Ctrl + "+"
To decrease, press Ctrl + "-"

Page Source

Useful for developers, or to find a little information available, you can view the source code of the page using Ctrl + U.


Full screen mode

To switch to full screen mode, and thus enjoy a better viewing experience, press F11 (to exit, press the same key).

With your mastery of any new keyboard shortcuts, you can browse full-screen without having any worries.


Downloads tab : Ctrl + E
Print: Ctrl + P
Reduce font size: Ctrl + -
Increase font size: Ctrl + +
Restore text size: Ctrl 0

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