Sony PJ 260- A camera with an integrated projector

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Sony hits hard with the "PJ 260", a new generation of camcorder with an integrated projector.
  • The internal memory (16GB- 1:15h of HD video recording) makes it operational right out of the box. Practical options, like a USB cable hidden in the strap, offers a functional side to the camera.
  • With a click, the camera will project on the nearest wall, videos stored in its memoty. At a projection of 5m you get an image up to 254cm (diagonal length). The only condition is to be in almost total darkness. If the picture is flawless, the sound played through the mini speaker turns out to be poor.
  • Concerning the quality of the sensor, the high definition video (1920x1080p) is superb, with vivid colors. Up to 30x zoom, coupled with image stabilization and wide angle options, that preserve the quality of the image. The all encoded in Mpeg-4 for a conventional viewing and editing on a computer.
  • The "PJ260" cost around 630 euros, with USB and HDMI cables , and editing software: PlayMemories Home.

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