Firefox - Modify the size of your tabs

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This tutorial will show you how to reduce your tabs on Mozilla Firefox, two method exist:

FaviconizeTab add-on

  • Open Firefox
  • Go to this page.

  • Simply click on the `'Add to Firefox''... it will install this add-on.
  • Restart Firefox (Recommended)
  • Now to reduce the size of particular tab, right click on the later and select `'FaviconizeTab''.

Now you can manage your tabs size... quite handy for Laptop users who uses Firefox for opening several webpages.

Manual Method

  • Open Firefox
  • In the Address bar type the following command:
    • about:config
  • You shall get a warning message, click on "I'll be careful...I promise"

In the "Filter" field type the following (defines the maximum width of the Tabs):
    • browser.tabs.tabMaxWidth
  • Double Click on the entry to modify its value (250 by default)
    • Enter a value of your choice (stay reasonable).
  • Validate with OK and restart Firefox.

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