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Sony VAIO won't boot:BlackScreen


Right now, I'm trying to diagnose this problem but thus far, I have been unable to properly do so. My XP for some apparent reason starts but when prompted to the window's loading screen, turns black. I have conducted some research into looking at other people with the same problem however, I feel that my case is slightly different.

Prior to this event, I ran avg and antimalware to quarantine and get rid of some viruses. Upon the scan completion, I was prompted to a message that asked me to restart which I said no. I accidentally forced a computer shutdown by pressing the power button. Ever since, my computer is unable to boot properly.

This is some info detailing when I press f2 on my computer. I have tried and attempted to run the computer on safe mode doesn't work. I only included things I thought were important. I have removed all disks and usb cords that were plugged into my comp.

>Primary IDE master: [Sony DVD RW DW-]
>Primary IDE slave:[HL-DT-STDVD-ROM SD]
>Third IDE master: [ST320620AS]
>Third IDE slave:[Not Detected]
>Fourth IDE master:[Not Detected]
>Fourth IDE slave:[Not Detected]

Boot Settings
>Boot Device Priority

Hard Disk Drive
1. 3M-ST3250620AS
2. Sony UMH-U HS-MS
3. Sony UMH-U H S-CF
4. Sony UMH-U HS-XD
5. Sony UMH-U HS -SD/M


Restart your PC, logon and wait for the black screen to appear

1) Make Ctrl + Alt + Del: nothing appears on screen, yet the task manager was opened. We'll have to do the rest in the dark, and this is where we thank the keyboard shortcuts) (to be safe, you can do the same operation on another pc to side to see what it does)

2) Make Alt + F: it opens the File menu of Task Manager, but we still see nothing

3) To Enter: it opens the "Create a new job," but we still see nothing

4) Type "cmd" then "Enter "

5) Then restart your pc It rebooted normally, and all is well.

Thanks to bionik for this tip.


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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