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How does Picasa really work?

Picasa is software for managing and editing digital photographs...

This software can also crop photos, to arrange the colors, and edit fairly simple but does not substitute for a program like Photoshop. One of the strengths of Picasa is its search engine and indexing (from the file name, the caption or keywords) in which we find the effectiveness of the approach of Google.
Another possibility offered by Picasa create CD images, custom albums, and wallpapers. Among the original features can also include a chronological display of photographs, editing tools as a very effective anti red eye, and a system for sharing photos simplified messaging to Gmail or Blogger blogs, two other Google entities.

Getting Started

To access these services, you must download the Picasa software.

Link: http://ccm.net/download/download 1247 picasa

It allows you to find and organize all your pictures as soon as you start Picasa, it scans your hard drive to find and automatically organize all your photos. Picasa finds the types of photo and video file follows:
  • Photo file types: JPG, GIF, TIF, PSD, PNG, BMP, RAW (including NEF and CRW). By default, GIF and PNG files are not taken into account, but you can change this setting in the dialog Tools> Options.
  • Video file types: MPG, AVI, ASF, WMV, MOV. If you upgrade from an earlier version of Picasa, you can keep your database, which contains the current organization of your photos and edits you've made to them. To transfer all this information, simply install the new version without uninstalling Picasa version already installed on your computer. During the first launch of Picasa, you will be prompted to transfer your existing database. Once this process is complete, you can uninstall the earlier version of Picasa.

  • Move and name pictures: You want to put some order into folders neglected and redistribute certain files on the hard drive? Simply drag a folder to another in Picasa, which record changes after asking for confirmation. You want to replace the filename of the photo by 671056398a.jpg liza.jpg? It will only take a few seconds with Picasa, you rename a photo or a group of photos.
  • Create a label: Use the "Albums" to group your photos by quickly marking them in Picasa. The display and sharing of images grouped by album are very easy. You can create great slide shows and videos or post your photos by e-mail to your friends.
  • Mark your favorite photos : Associate a star with your favorite photos to identify them more easily. Picasa even lets you search separately and to display the best of your collection in less than a second.
  • Put a picture in multiple albums : When you associate a photo to a label, Picasa creates a "virtual copy" of this photo. You can put the picture in multiple albums if you like, because the virtual copies do not take place on the computer.
  • Protect your collections of photos with a password : You prefer to keep some photos for you? You can add a password to each of your Picasa collections (this does not affect access to files on the hard disk of the computer).

Availability of Picasa for Linux

Image Manager Picasa is also available under Linux operating system KDE or Gnome. Like the Windows version, the Linux version is free and offers a chronological display of photographs with preview, editing tools, and a system for sharing photos easier.

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