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Google Map Maker: A new participatory tool to enrich Google Maps

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Google has launched Google Map Maker, a new service available to all users, allowing them to expand or modify the information and data available on Google Maps.

It mainly targets the small businesses, who can provide more practical information about their location on Google Maps, but also on Google Earth.
  • This tool also gives the opportunity for every user to become a cartographer using their own local expertise to add detail to a map.

Four possible actions are available:
  • Note that if contributions are open to all, they are checked and corrected by other users, regional experts and a team of proofreaders Google."
  • Once validated, they are made available on Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Maps for Mobile.
  • The four possible types of contribution through the Map Maker are
    • Add places
    • Change the description of a place.
    • Trace roads
    • Check and comment modifications made by other users.

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