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Google launches a new YouTube app for Google TV

A new YouTube app for Google TV connected televisions will provide access to YouTube channels, facilitating research of contents and offering more control to users.

"First of all, notice that the application provides a faster and more fluid web browsing. Then, the new 'Discover' feature helps you to navigate through YouTube channels by category. Whether you are looking for a comedy, tutorials, cooking or enticing the latest news, there will always be channel of interest" says a note written by Jurek Foryciarz on Google TV blog ( February 12).
  • Google continues to move towards its goal of combining the video on the internet with live TV. For users, this means they can better enjoy the content they want, without having to constantly use the remote.
  • Google has partnered with various manufacturers of intelligent TV (Smart TV), including Sony, LG and Samsung to create the equipment under the Google TV brand. YouTube App will be available in the Android Market in the "coming days".

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