Myth - Computer games can be created easily

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It is a myth that computer games can be created easily.The truth is quite the opposite. It difficult to design a game and also expensive. All games are protected by copyright and if anyone tries to copy the design, it would be considered illegal. As video games have grown more sophisticated, it is not easy to create a game.There are game development softwares, such as RPG Maker and MUGEN available for free, that can help one to develop an original game. Even with good software, it is not wise to believe that computer games can be created easily.


It's really easy to build computer games. Using powerful software, we can modify existing games and create our own games.

This is not always true.

If it was so easy to create a game, everyone would everyone would be doing it! Good games take a long time to make with a team of professionals working on them. This can often cost millions of pounds.

Also, modifying games breaks copyright law. It is therefore illegal.


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