Format your computer using Killdisk

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Formatting your hard disk with Killdisk will remove all the data from it permanently. If Killdisk software is used to format the hard disk, the data cannot be restored. This is particularly useful when a computer is rendered unusable due to virus attacks. It is possible to download Killdisk for free from the internet. Once downloaded, Killdisk must be burned into a CD. In order to format the hard disk with Killdisk, the computer must be booted from the CD on which Killdisk has been burned. Upon completion of the formatting, Killdisk will generate a report of the activity.

Killdisk is used to totally format data from your hard drive. When it is used there is no way of restoring your data. Killdisk is really useful if you get infected by some viruses, which will format everything!

To be able to use Killdisk you must burn it and then boot it when starting your PC.
  • Download Killdisk here:
  • Extract, then use Nero to burn the image: BOOT-DSK.iso
  • Configure your BIOS and set the Boot Device Priority to your CD/DVD Reader.

1. Insert the Killdisk bootable CD and it will load the CD's contents:

2. Choose Active@KILLDISK (FREE) and press ENTER

3. A message will then appear about the free version then press Enter to accept:

4. Select the partition on your hard drive which you wish to format (example: VBOXHARDDISK (80h)) then press F10

5. Leave the ''One Pass Zeros'' method then press F10:

6. Type: ERASE-ALL-DATA press ENTER. So now the formatting will start; this can take hours depending on your computer's configuration.

7. When the formatting is done a report will appear:

8. Press twice on Esc; then you will be asked if you want to close Killdisk, press ENTER:

You can now remove the Killdisk CD and boot your Windows or Linux installation CD to begin installation.

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