Updating your CD/DVD burner driver

As Windows is a global operating system with capabilities of installing default CD/DVD drives, you may use the Driver Detecting tool to find and download the hardware updates for your driver device. You can ignore the 'remember model number of your hardware for latest drivers' and the tool will still work. But in order for it to work properly, all features of the software registration is required.

Download the updates by pressing the download button. You may choose any one of the below - install updates immediately, click open and then run the program from the initial location, or save and download to your computer for installation later, and then click save to save it on the hard disk.
Most CD/DVD drives don't need a driver to run. Windows will usually install a default driver for them.

If your CD/DVD burning software does not recognize your drive, you should update the software. It is unlikely that the problem is caused by the driver, or lack thereof.
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