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Choosing the best sound system

If you are a music and film lover, you probably yearn for the clearest sounds to increase your audio experience. A good sound system involves the best external hardware equipments like surround speakers with woofers and is used to play games, watch DVDs and to simply listen to music. It should have soundcards, a hardware component which deals with the input or output of the sound elements. The best method to evaluate the quality of sound is by listening to the speakers. The quality and strength of the speakers are independent features. It is better to have speakers with low power that do not buzz. Some speakers have accessories like Pod to control the volume and bass without going through your PC.

I you love watching movies, playing PC games or just simply listening to your favorite music, then the first thing you will worry about is the sound system, surround speakers for PCs and a powerful soundcard.

Surround Speakers

  • 2 speakers system: these types of speakers can be found everywhere but do not provide a nice sound experience. These speakers are mostly aimed at office use for example.
  • The 2.1 Speaker system: this system consists of 2 surround speakers and woofer.
  • The 4.1 Speaker system: 4 surround speakers with woofer - this system is widely used for gaming.
  • The 5.1 Speaker system: consists of 1 centre speaker, 4 surround speakers and woofer. Most people use 5.1 surround speakers to watch DVDs, play games and for a good musical experience.

So depending on the use, there is a huge range of systems to choose from.

Quality of restoration of Sound

  • Frequencies higher the operating frequency range is wide, most speakers are capable of a broad spectrum of sound, more serious than acute. Check in particular the quality of the subwoofer which restores the low frequencies. The human ear perceives frequencies ranging from roughly 20-25 Hz to 18-20 kHz. Choose speakers who have close frequency ranges.
  • Labels - There are private labels as the THX label, which may refer to your choice of speaker quality. Please note that these certificates are not official.
  • Tests- The best way to evaluate the sound quality is of course made to listen to the speakers. This is not always possible to store much less online. Read advice can you give a first approach.


  • Integrated- Most motherboards has an integrated Sound controller, some are normal outputs (for 2 speaker) and some have even 5.1 output system
  • PCI Soundcards - If you have a 5.1 speaker system which you just bought its recommended to install a 5.1 sound card in your CPU which will help you enjoy the 5.1 sound experience.

Please check to know more about soundcards: http://ccm.net/faq/sujet 1844 choosing your sound card


It is measured in Watts. Among the various types of Watts, Watt RMS is to be taken into account. This unit measures the quality, diameter and number of speakers. Typically 10 to 70 Watts RMS.

Do not assume that the higher the watts RMS, the higher the PC speaker is good. The strength and quality are two independent features. It is better to have less powerful speaker, but that does not buzz.


To control the volume and bass without going through your computer, some speakers have a remote or "pod".

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