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Firmware - CD/DVD (Reader or Burner)

What is a firmware?

A firmware is a tiny program which identifies and manages your burner /reader. The firmware is saved in an electronic composite in the reader/burner called eeprom.
What is the Eeprom?

Definition: Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
This is a Rom memory which is programmable and erasable.
The action of erasing and re-writing the storage memory is called flashing. So must have heard “flashing firmware”. This process is mostly used for mobile phones… but it’s sometimes risky!!!

Updating the firmware

• This process is done to recognize the new blank media which didn’t exist and added features when the recorder was manufactured. (The trouble begins when you buy blank media that are not contemporary with your burner).
• To improve performance and / or fix bugs detected by the manufacturer.

Most flashing are done through DOS or Windows by just disabling the DMA (DIRECT MEMORY ACCESS).

So make sure to remove any cd or DVD when you begin flashing.

Firmware Storage for Philips burner:

The Risks

If the firmware is erased and not replaced or if the new firmware installed is not adapted to drive on which you then install the drive will not work ...

The same will apply if the transaction is interrupted (power failure for example).

There are generic programs by allowing the chipset used eeprom (Mediatek, Winbond ... etc) to relocate a firmware under DOS.

This requires appropriate software, to boot to DOS (not a DOS window opened in Windows) and have the firmware in a binary or hexadecimal.

The implementation is done by entering the IDE channel that the recorder is connected, 1 = Primary Master, Primary Slave 2 =, 3 = Secondary Master, Secondary Slave = 4.

It is sometimes necessary to move the recorder or disconnect all other IDE devices to perform this operation.

It is not always possible to meet all these requirements. In this case, the return to service after sale of the manufacturer, if the value of the recorder justified.

The relocation of the firmware by the manufacturer currently costs more (shipping included) a recorder nine.
What is the current version of the firmware of my burner?

There is a utility to know the exact name of your burner and firmware version installed (works for all models). This utility only works with Microsoft Windows operating system. You can find this utility from:

Specific case of OEM recorders

The official updates do not apply to recorders installed on the PC brand.

(ex: HP - DELL - Fujitsu-Siemens - Medion etc ...)

These recorders are sold cheaper by their manufacturers for PC assemblers and brand are equipped for a specific version of firmware then prohibiting implement updates official manufacturer of the recorder.

Only MAJ possibly provided by the PC assembler are implantable (without using a measure of circumventing this restriction).

This does not apply to recorders sold without boxes or software (bulk) and often wrongly called OEMs that are officially kept and thus easy to update.

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