AIDA64 - Identify your hardware devices

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For a computer to function properly, users need to have the necessary hardware device and its corresponding driver. One of the most commonly used software for this is AIDA64. AIDA64 can help users pinpoint any missing hardware devices as well as providing advance on monitoring it, updates on hot plug devices, Bluetooth PAN support and File Scanner filtering. For most day-to-day issues users can download the shareware version of AIDA64 for free. For more complicated issues users may need to look beyond the shareware version.

AIDA64 (formerly Everest) is a software that can be used to identify hardware devices and help you to search for the right driver. If you have re-installed Windows and you've lost your motherboard or other device, AIDA64 is the tool you need. It gives you a complete summary of all the components in your PC (CPU for example temperature details, exact brand and model number)
  • This is a shareware version, but it is sufficient for handling most issues
  • Download link:
  • Launch the programme: once installed, it is located in Start> All Programmes> Lavalys> Aida64.
  • In general, only one section is useful: the one found in Computer > Summary. It is generally sufficient for clearly identifying the material and displaying all the devices connected to the motherboard.

To send us this information, you need to extract text. It is very simple.

The operation may take a minute or two, depending on the computer.

Once this is complete, you have a text file containing information about your hardware.


  • Advanced hardware monitoring (OSD panel and cooling fans monitoring)
  • Real-time alerting for hot-plug devices
  • Provide support for Bluetooth PAN
  • Provide support for File Scanner filtering

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