XTM file extension

April 2018

The XTM file extension is generated for intermediate files by using the file splitter application software xStremSplit. The xStremSplit file splitter application is available for free download. It can split large files into smaller files and join the smaller files to rebuild the original large file. The file splitter software is easy to use and can split all kinds of files. In order to split a large file, just choose the file to be split and specify the folder in which the smaller files should be saved. Once the file has been split, the specified folder will contain smaller files with the XTM file extension.

An XTM file is one created by the XtremSplit program. This software is used to split large files into smaller ones and then rebuild them.
Download XtremSplit from http://files.filefront.com/Xtremsplitexe/;7010346;/fileinfo.html

How to use XtremSplit?

  • 1. Choose the file that you need to split into smaller parts with the File Source option
  • 2. Choose the path directory in which you want to save the smaller files
  • 3. Choose the size of the smaller files with the Capacity option
  • 4. Click the Cut Button

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