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How To Use Twitter

With over 10 million users worldwide, the social network Twitter cover all the important events and news on the web 2.0. In practical terms, Twitter is a free microblogging platform allowing diffusion of short messages (140 characters) to a personal contact list. In other words it is an exchange platform with a large online community, which allows the easy creation an online network.

Like Facebook, you can create a list of friends on Twitter, more commonly known as "followers". Once they have added you to their contact list, they can track your activities, that is to say all the messages you post on Twitter. If do not want strangers to have access to your posts, no problem, Twitter allows you to restrict access to your profile, via the "Protect my updates" option.

Conversely, on your side you can create your own personal contact list, called "Following". For this, you can look for contacts using the integrated search engine. To sign up to Twitter, visit the registration page. To create your profile you must obviously enter a valid email address, a password and two special identifiers. For the latter, we suggest you follow the two tips below.
  • Full Name: The name to be displayed on Twitter. For this, we strongly recommend you choose the name of your company or your brand.
  • Username: the username is actually the name that will appear in the URL for your Twitter profile. Again we advise you to choose the name of your business or your brand if they are still available!
Once your account is set up, you're ready to use Twitter. In the horizontal menu at the top right, click on "Home". The page that appears will be your home page: this is the main page of Twitter, which allow you to type your messages and read those from others. To compose your messages, you simply click in the "What are you doing? " field. Remember that you can only use 140 characters. After writing your message, click "Update."
The sent messages will be published on your homepage, which also means that your message and is now visible to all followers. These messages are called "tweets".
  • Note: You will also find messages from your contacts on the homepage, that is to say the people you choosed to follow. If you want your message to be better referenced, make your precede keywords by the following symbol: #
After the registration stage, Twitter will ask you if you want to add friends to your network. You can do this manually, using the "Find people" option or allow Twitter to add contacts from your email address book. You decide if you want Twitter to access your mailbox! As the name already suggest, when you click on "Direct Messages" in the sidebar on the right, you access the equivalent of what can be considered as your personal mailbox on Twitter.

When a contact sends you a personal message on Twitter, you can access it from there. When you want to reply to a tweet, you can click on the "reply" icon next to the tweet you want to comment on: Twitter will display a text field ... where you will see the @ + name of the user who originally posted the link. Warning, this response is public: it will be visible to all persons on your network. You found an interesting tweet and you want to distribute in your network? You must perform the same operation as when you want to reply a message, but this time precede tweet with the RT @ (Re-Tweet). You can then copy or rephrase the message you want to disseminate. You can also search on Twitter, using the search engine located on the left side of the interface. Under the search engine, you will see the "Trending topics", that is to say, the most frequent searches on Twitter. It is possible to disseminateyour Twitter feed on your website or blog. It is also advisable to bring up a Twitter button on your website to convert your visitors to traditional followers. To create this button: http://twitthis.com/ Twitter has also launched audited accounts in the fight against identity theft.
Learn more about Verified Accounts.

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