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Configure a multiboot with EasyBCD


  • Multiboot refers to the use of multiple operating systems on one PC. The main problem that may arise when using multiple OS, it is the activation of the OS selection screen at the startup of your PC, in other words: the configuration of the bootloader in the MBR.
  • EasyBCD is a simple utility that facilitates such task. It allows you to install and configure multiboot for Windows, Linux and MacOS, but however the utility is only functional (must be installed) on Windows based PCs.

Download and installation

  • Download EasyBCD utility and run the downloaded file.
  • Click Next> I Agree> Install
  • Note that: You'll need to register to access the free version.

Using the software

Adding an operating system

  • On the homescreen, click on Add/Remove entries.

  • In the "Add an entry" section, choose the OS of your choice.
  • Choose the "Type" of system and the name will be displayed on the OS selection screen.
  • Click on Add entry
  • The system you have chosen will appear in the "Manage Existing Entries" field.
  • Click on Save.

Example with two OS installed:

Change the order of the OS startup screen

  • At startup, the Operating Systems will be displayed in the same order as they are listed "Manage Existing Entries" field.
  • Use the Up and Down buttons next to the "Manage Existing Entries" field to select the order and click on Save to validate.

Remove an operating system from the list

In the "Manage Existing Entries" field, select your OS.
  • Click on Delete
  • Click Yes to confirm
  • Click Save

Visualization of boot options

  • Click on View settings. You will have a simplified view of your boot.
  • Check "Detailed" to get more information.

Changing the default system

  • Click "Change settings".

  • Choose from the Default OS dropdown list.

Changing the Timeout

  • The Timeout is the time after with default OS will be loaded if no manual selection is performed.
  • Click on "Change settings" and then go to "Bootloader Timeout" to access this settings.

Other options

Maintenance and diagnostic

If you are having problems with one of your installed systems, you can use the Diagnostic Center feature to solve them:


An interesting utility to restart your PC with the OS of your choice without having to select the latter in the boot utility.
  • iReboot -Restart your PC with the OS of your choice


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