MacOSX Mountain Lion - The new features

The new OS from Apple, MacOSX Mountain Lion, is now available for download on the Mac App Store.


This new operating system, derived from MacOSX Lion, includes some 200 new features and below is a small selection of the best ones:

  • Messages: Apple replaced by iChat by Messages. This software provides communication between all Apple devices (Macs, iPads, iPhones and iPods). The conversations can be followed from one device to another.
  • System-wide Sharing: The new file sharing tool from Apple, that allows you to share all kinds of digital files/contensts.
  • Gatekeeper: This secure download manager application allows Mac owners to have more control over their downloads.
  • A new notification center: To facilitate the reading of notifications, from Mac OS or third-party applications, the notification center centralizes all the messages.
  • Dictation: MacOS X Mountain Lion integrates Dictation, a voice recognition software that allows you to enter text using your voice. It is compatible with softwares from Apple or third-party applications developpers.

Updating Snow Leopard and Lion

This update is available for devices running MacOSX Lion or Snow Leopard, provided that they meet the technical (hardware) requirements.

List of compatible devices:

  • iMac (all models since mid-2007);
  • MacBook (aluminum version 2008 - 2009);
  • MacBook Pro (since late 2007);
  • MacBook Air (since late 2008);
  • Mac mini (since early 2009);
  • Mac Pro (since early 2008).

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