My Dell computer won't detect my wireless card

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After doing a system reset on my computer, the wireless option has been turned off. The wireless card is not under Network adapters anymore. I honestly don't know what to do. It's a Dell Latitude D520. The wireless card is a Dell Wireless 1395 WLAN mini card.

Additional Info:

Network Adapters
~1394 Net Adapter
No devices under Network Adapters have a red x.
  • I've tried resetting the TCI/IP, and the winsock.


You need to install all the drivers. The yellow exclamation mark indicates that drivers are not installed properly. You can download the drivers from the manufacture's website.

  • Select the option "Choose from a list of all Dell products" --> Click on "Continue" --> Click on "Laptops" *Choose your laptop model.
  • Now download all the drivers and install them.

N.B. Some devices may not work properly if the drivers are installed outdated. For more information click on the below link.
  • So install the "Chipset" drivers first.

Thanks to jack4rall for this tip.
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