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Social Network: Real-time Search engines

These "real-time" search engines connected to the popular social networks are tools of choice to listen to what is being said about your brand, to get the latest news, and find interesting topics to fuel your editorial content. Presentation of a selection of these tools.

Real-time Search engines: features

  • Get the latest information and trends (bloggers, webmasters, marketing professionals).
  • Monitor online reputation (follow what is said about your brand/products) over social networks.
  • Identify influencers and opinion leaders in your field.

Real-time Search engines: A short list

Social Mention

Social Mention offers several filter options, you can perform search selectively (blogs, websites, images and videos, bookmarking sites, social networks) over fifty social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Wikio, Stumbleupon, Wordpress, Youtube, Netvibes, Blogpulse, Slidehsare, etc.. ).
  • Social Mentions also allows you to manage your online reputation.

Other features:
  • Create e-mail alerts by keywords (based on the principle of Google Alerts)
  • Filter search by date/hour
  • Export search results in CSV format
  • RSS feed subscription

It does not offer search by keywords, but identifies the most relevant sources, based on the number of RT (retweets) they enjoyed on Twitter.

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