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Install Google Toolbar on the latest version of Firefox

Google toolbar is useful and popular ... unfortunately, Google has stopped the development as from the 4th version Firefox, and the latter is recognized as being an incompatible add-on on Firefox 5 or later.
You're disappointed to have lost this valuable tool? No worries, here's a small tip that will help to solve this issue/

Note that: Firefox - You must force the compatibility of add-ons using Compatibility Reporter Add-on . Refer to this FAQ.

As from the 10th version of Firefox

We must first go to the configuration page. To do this, type the following command in the Address bar:
  • about:config
  • Find this entry "extensions.strictCompatibility" and double click on it to change its value to "True".
  • Then restart Firefox and install the Compatibility Reporter Add-on.

Now you may be confronted to 2 types of situation:

Add-on is already installed but not activated

If the Google Toolbar is already installed on your Firefox but not working, after installing the Compatibility Reporter add-on and restarted Firefox, you simply have to turn it on (Tools> Add-ons)

Note that: Even if the toolbar have the "incompatible" status, it will work normally.

Installing the add-on

If the toolbar is not installed and you have to download it from this link.
  • Once downloaded, drag the .xpi file in Firefox, or File> Open File
  • Restart your browser to access your new toolbar.

Method 3: Advanced Installation

Since Google will not let you download the toolbar from the latest version of Firefox, here's what you can do:
  • Make Google believe that you are using an older version of Firefox.
  • For this, we must change the User Agent (UA). The simplest solution is to use an extension: User Agent RG.
  • Once installed. you simply select the appropriate version of Firefox (4.0)

This modification temporary and changes will be reverted once you restart Firefox.

Google Toolbar is not working after updating Firefox

Firefox is changing on a regular basis ... and the above methods may not be enough.
Type the following command in the Address bar:
  • about:config
  • Right click on and empty area and then New > Boolean value.
  • Name entry as extensions.checkCompatibility.XX (XX is the version of Firefox installed)
  • Set the value to False
  • Look for the following entry: extensions.strictCompatibility
  • And set its value to False.


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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