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How to organize a contest on Facebook?

There are many brands that now propose online contests on Facebook. This type of promotional activity allows them to expand their fan community, to communicate about their products/services and get customer loyalty. So, how to start a contest on Facebook? What are the rules to be observed? What applications should be use? Here are some tips to get started.

Facebook Contests: which objectives?

The contests on Facebook are commercial operations run over a limited peridod, that aims to:
  • Increase involvement and interactions of the fans on your Facebook page.
  • Recruit fans by word of mouth (viral marketing). The game needs access to subscribe to the page (I like)
  • Communicate the launch of a product or service.
  • Generate traffic to your website.

Choosing the type of contest

  • Survey (quantitative survey) followed by a draw
  • Competition based on an interactive games
  • Questionnaires and quizzes
  • Photo sets (competition for the best shots, photomontage)
  • Blind Test

The types of gifts/prizes

Depending on the type of services/products marketed by your website, here are the types of gift to reward the winners of the contests of a Facebook page.
  • Products/services sold in a limited series.
  • New products/services that aren't available on the market.
  • Discount coupons on one or more products or services from your catalog.
  • Samples of products (eg cosmetics).
  • Movie tickets, concert tickets, etc..
  • Access to the Premium version of an online service.

The prizes must in all cases correspond to the needs of your target/niche. It therefore requires the creation of a benchmark.Make use of the statistics of your Facebook page (sex, age group of fans) to assess the type of products that are likely to appeal to your targets.
  • It is above all necessary that the Facebook page has enough fans (200-300 minimum) to benefit from a viral effect.
  • If you suffer from a lack of visibility, choose different forms of participation and entry doors to your contest: Twitter, from your blog/website, newsletter.

The contests are the more successful when held in suitable contexts:
  • Large Facebook community: 1000 fans, 10,000 fans, 50,000 fans, etc..
  • Seasonal or cultural events.
  • Event related to your field of activities (trade shows)

Rules to be observed on Facebook

You can access a full documentation about the guidelines to be followed when making a contest on Facebook,on this link.

Set the rules of a contest on Facebook

The rules of the contest must be accessible from the entry page (link to an online PDF or to an article posted on Facebook)

Among the major chapters in the regulation of the contest:
  • Definition and conditions of participation
  • Dates
  • Terms of Participation
  • Depreciation
  • Designation of winners (ballot)
  • etc

Facebook - applications to create contests


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