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How to differentiate between a mobile phone, a multimedia phone or a smartphone?

You need a new mobile device? But how to difference between a mobile phone, a multimedia phone and a smartphone. Here's a small guide that will distinguish these categories from each other.

Now dominated by the smartphone in many countries, the mobile phones trends has changed drastically over the past five years. But what exactly is a smartphone? And what is the difference between this unit and a simple mobile phone or a multimedia phone?

"Generally, the best way to distinguish between the three groups is to keep in mind their functionality and their prices. If a phone can make calls, send text messages but has few extra features, it is a mobile phone. If the latter has a high resolution camera, allows you to edit Microsoft Office documents and edit photos, it's a smartphone. Whatever lies in between (in terms of functionality) is probably of a multimedia phone" Nokia said in a note posted on its Official blog.

Mobile Phone

  • The mobile has a basic purpose: to help make calls and send SMS messages. These cheap phones are still popular in Africa and India, because of the longevity of their batteries, their sustainable design and their low price.

Multimedia phone

  • The Multimedia phone is somewhere between the mobile and smartphone. Often designed around one or a few major features (High-resolution camera, high quality sound or native applications).


  • The smartphone embeds advanced technology, comparable to the one use for computers. It is priced to match its capabilities. It runs on a dedicated platform or advanced mobile operating system.
  • Among the best known are Google's Android, iOS from Apple and Windows Phone from Microsoft.
  • WiFi connectivity, 3G or 4G, the presence of a dual-core or quad-processor, a range of downloadable applications, a high-resolution camera and integrated GPS makes the basic features of a smartphone.


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